Tuesday, August 26, 2014

self reminder

People make mistake...
But this kind of mistake will be first and last..
Always telling myself that they are hunters and ghosts. And don't ever ever trust them.. sekelumit pun... they don't deserve you..
And always hold the main principle, be nice to others and because of that I am totally against any act of revenge. Why? I do believe life is a karma.. you do good, you get good.. you do bad, you get bad too. Don't put blame to others cos again when you pointing out your finger, the other fingers are pointing back at you.
Being possitive must be a cliche, but it works when life is treating unfair or fallback.
Trust me...
Ya Allah... peluklah aku sekejap pun jadilah hingga hilang lelahku.. Please Allah...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

by default to end

Thanks for being the best person I've ever known...for treating me like no one has treated me as special as you did before. I'm glad to know you in my journey....

-truly from heart-

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Berhabuk... and never lose hope

It has been a long time since I logged into blogspot and looked at my last writing. Nearly 1 year and half I think, I have been so ignorance and don't have any instinct to post my thoughts in a stream-of-consciousness peace of mind manner...

Life is so BAU (business-as usual) recently. Something happened, one week after life as I knew was taken away from me in 2013, yes, it was last year. I was standing on my own two feet and determining my destiny-one door at that time. After a while, I realized that everything happens for a reason. All I need is to have faith and always be positive into it. Seem like God have good plan for me :). I moved on.. Taking life easily and relaxing. Told to myself - when life comes crashing down and you see is the dark rugged ground, never lose hope. Keep walking..keep climbing...keep dancing by your own beat.

I guess I'm writing a motivational entry today :) Telling you...telling myself that life is always like a curve. That's giving you some flavors and to some extent teach you to be a better person. Better could be in so many forms.. ya I guess.

When life does not treating you good...never never lose hope. Never losing hope is something that has only made the long, straight road a little easier to travel. To have hope is one of the wisest ways to live. Although this path is straight, if you look closely, you can see that the slope of the path increases. That is life and isn't it complicated? Hahaha... Well, we are human.. we have emotion. We play with our emotion. I went through some difficult phases in life too, need I say more?

The point to all of that? Well, I wonder how things just fell ever so slightly into place? Just like they were supposed to... Sometimes I think that I wanted it to happen like this, I had no other choice. But it's a two way street.  I cannot call all the shots, it takes two to tango. Things could have turned out very differently. I only hope that they continue to the top of the hill, where the light meets the peak, and in the end, the reward will be worth the struggle and trudge. :)

Told ya..this is very serious entry after a while leaving here...hehehe..
I would like to give thumbs up to a person, special friend I can say who giving me ideas to write this. To advice me the different perspective of the vision of miracle, hope & happiness.
Thank you for sharing me your life journey and gave me another dimensions of thought in life in very very positive way. I appreciated it.

Friday, August 8, 2014

2nd bundle of joy

Please welcome our second edition of clone pride & joy...

This beautiful baby's name is Faiqa Miqayla binti Mohd. Fahmie Idzul.
Date of birthday: 11 March 2013
Dear Miqayla,
Mami promise to love you and your brother with all my heart, to protect you no matter what and to be your guardian dunia akhirat, ameen.

Isn't she so beautiful?
Ignore my confinement face ;p

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baby Shower katenyerrr....

I never experience baby shower celebration while I was pregnant to my first born, Miqael..3 years ago! Hahahhaa....

But before that...I did my own research on the ritual to have 'baby shower'... Actually, Baby Shower as a term is relatively new, but the celebrations and rituals associated with pregnancy and childbirth are both ancient, traditional & enduring you know! In Malay custom, we call it as ' adat melenggang perut', but in differently practice where it is a  custom done on a 7 months pregnant lady and it aims to position the baby in the stomach in its proper place, which is the head at the door of the womb. And also it is being conducted with a very traditional way with have own equipment and steps (hahha...this one I found from Wiki:):

  • 7 pieces of different colors of cloth
  • 1 bushel of rice
  • 1 coconuts
  • Some thread veins
  • A trunk resin
  • A little coconut oil/ massage oil
  • Some candles
  • Etc...
All the exercises I believe will be conducted by Mak Bidan.... and to incorporate with the Islamic practice, this ceremony will be done with bacaan doa selamat or perhaps kenduri ...etc...

Hahahhaa....but in my case, I don't really experienced my baby shower to be very complicated and traditionally done as above.... I just want to have chill and chat time with friends and families maybe! It's more on get together session la.... where you can share stories and snap pics of course! In short, my baby shower's idea was contemporary way where you can get together with friends and there shouldn't be any set rule to this! It's just makan makan...laughing....chatting & release stress :)

So...the idea was...hahhaha... It's was spontaneous outing! I told Mitchel & Izzat (both are my best buddies) that this time pregnancy I feel to throw my own baby shower party. They laughed..and they suggested that we could go outing at KLCC . Since Famy was out station, so I agreed to join them outing on weekend time. The plan was watching movie & lepaking at Ben's Place KLCC. Hahahha... guess what movie that I watched? Hansel & Gretel!!!!!! Horror sgt tgk witches die.... But I just tutupkan mata bila babak horror tu!

Movie that we watched!

Session chill, chat & laugh... ops... Mitchy & Izzat gave surprise gift! A cute soft toy bear :)

My baby shower's cup cake!
Ignore my new nose & cheek! Hahhaha.. this is 8 months pregnancy ya!

Overall I was happy on that day! It's made my day......

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Late post for 2012's sayonara... Welcome 2013!

Finally I can write my 2013 resolution with peace of mind..

Ops before that let's sum the story happened in 2012.  (though it was already a bit late kot!)
2012 for me was a moderate year..... and I may conclude that was not the best year of achievements except to know that I was expecting to a second baby... LOL! Alhamdulillah...
Yes, I did my mind recharging when I brought ibu,ayah, adik & angah to have mini get-together family session at Pangkor Island. Plus, family trip with in laws at Langkawi and I managed to fulfill my dream to do snorkeling at Pulau Payar (since I was never been there after many many many times visit to Langkawi)... Both were great trips!
And not to forget my dream to organize special birthday party for Miqael at McDonald. Fuhhh....
Other than that, were just happy moments get together with friends i.e. bachelorette Izzah's party, lunch time with Gya & Ennie , get together session with Izzat & Mitchel & camping trip to National Park! Cool...
Overall, that were not so much interesting story to tell... but yes Alhamdulillah to God , still lend me His air to breath and feel joy in life....

I said to myself.. whatever bad things need to be removed and improved. I wish I can be better person after this.... better muslim, wife, mummy, daughter, sister, worker and friend..... :)

And as I reflecting my 2012 flashback memories..... I don't have any specific resolution to achieve in 2013. Yang mana tak achieve2 in 2012 pun banyak... Well, I will continue to put extra efforts to reach the miss-achieving goals from the past years! Further Master.. Europe trip.... Saving RM500K.. Buy Microwave +Oven  for me to bake....and many more...

For me just go with the flow.... blend it with the exciting activities to make it more flavorful and meaningful life...... The most important thing, maintaining the happy go lucky energy in myself...so that I will feel young forever.... and... I wish to get 45kg weight after get deliver my second baby! Wuhuuu........ Huhuhuhuhu.....

Some pics to be remembered....
(sorry the events date were not in ordered ;p)
Get together with Ila from NZ

Gedik pic!

Ila in the house again!

Pulau Payar jauh ke tengah... dream place to visit @ Langkawi

Hari raya 2012 Celebration

Miqael started to swim!
Rempit with Rudy, one of office mate @ Corporate Raya event!

Feeling2 muda jadik usherette for Company Dinner. Theme was football!

Hey Kenapa Bah..Kenapa Bah!

Fun Run for Olympic event with bosses

Pangkor trip with Hj. Othman's family

Ade je bahan nak gelak kalau lepak dgn mamat ni!

Our 4th Anniversary Celebration!

Get together with buddies

Hubby's 31 cake

Refresh @ Pangkor

Miqael turns 2 Party

Gangnam style!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Smartphone...just an enabler....We? the real Controller..

I was attracted to some of the key points of Budget 2013, which was tabled by PM on the last September. Hehehe... In spite of agreed that the subsidy on sugar to be cut RM0.20 per kg...(since I x berape favor to eat or drink sweet thingy, plus to support a campaign of  NO DIABETES among Malaysian *poyoo*), I was... bukanlah excited sbb I'm not the  target market/person...tp mcm ter'trigger' pulak when PM announced that ' Through the Youth Communication Package, a one-off rebate RM200 will be provided for the purchase of one unit 3G Smartphone from authorised dealer kot! 
the initiative is for youths aged between 21-30 years

[dalam hati nak tukar Samsung S3 ke iPhone5 da]

sambungan kata PM....with a monthly income RM3,000 and below ONLY!


Okla...whatever it is, my point is ...see.. Government is also playing their role to make each of citizen to become IT Savvy or in BM nye..celik IT by using any sources of technology devices which can connect us to the internet..to the fingertip of information.......via.. one of the most popular devices today is Smartphone! 

It seems like nowadays people cannot go anywhere without Smartphones. Whether its checking emails, bills, bank account, weather, maps, FB updates, Twitter, Instragram, Dropbox, WhatsApp'ing', Youtube or perhaps playing SimSimi ;)))..... I am also like that...connecting and too depending on my Samsung S2! The best part my own memory capacity at brain has been replaced by a small nail-sized memory card inside my Smartphone..  Parahhhhhhhhh!!! Tak percaya ka?: See my below justifications: -
  1. Smartphone helps me to remind birthday people that I loved especially friends, with the good setting of music reminder lagik!
  2. Smartphone helps me to memorize telephone no. with the email, fax or contact image lagi! (just in case I don't remember how my friend's face look like ;p)
  3. Smartphone keeps all emails, username and passwords for each of my social networks and bank accounts (ha..this one dangerous!) Kalaulah hilang....mampusss! *papp...tampar muke sendiri*
  4. Smartphone always be my mobile dictionary & thesaurus. Siap cara nak pronounce lagi ok!
  5. Smartphone keeps all my appointments and meetings! Again with the favorite music reminder! Bukan takat music yang 'teng teng teng teng'.... ;P
  6. Smartphone helps me to memorize where I park my car at malls by snapping picture 'tiang parking lot' & save inside the gallery! Tadaaaaaa........
  7. Smartphone brings me to the location that I never know without need to remember the landmark / signboards easily! 
  8. Smartphone shows me the image of certain things that I couldn't recall or know. Contohnya, when my officemates & I have the discussion about the bird called 'burung wak-wak' last week...  since I don't know how burung wak-wak looks like..even majority of my friends there don't know ok.. I just simply googled image and type burung wak-wak..and ...papppp.....keluarlah seekor burung cantik ekor kontot2... and memasing like 'ooooo....ini burung wak wak'.... panjang je muncung masing2....
Ha...sampai mcm tu sekali kot.....

Oooit...kalau nak di 'list' kan lah jasa2 Smartphone during my lifetime now tak terhitung...... ;p Cuba sekarang bagi aku pakai 3310 Nokia mcm zaman belajar 6 years ago..... rasa macam dunia ni gelap gelita sebentar! Rasa mcm tak connect je dengan dunia luar!.... Ooo my God.... rasa mcm nak tampar je muka sendiri!

Oh ya, one thing I can see nowadays also, not my generation age aje yang fanatic to the Smartphone! Youngsters and teenagers lagilah kan jgn cakap...dieorg ni kan golongan golongan yang up-to-date & IT Savvy! Ni ha... toddler ni pun same..cannot live without Smartphone. The best example is my son la, Miqael is only 2 years +, while waiting for meal to be served at Mamak for example, he will asked me to get my Smartphone out. Cepat je jari kecik dia tu click Youtube and searching for his favorite cartoon! Even I thought that only happened to Miqael aje. Yesterday, me & hubby were outing at Lot 10 and before go jalan2 we plan to take our lunch first at the Pavilion Food Court. Guess what.. I can see 3, 4 parents  there...were displaying their ipad / iphone / Samsung Note / the cikai sekali is Samsung S3 la in front of their toddlers while enjoying the food. Ok...there goes a trend now!!!! 
Gambar sekadar hiasan semata-mata 'p

So kesimpulannya, as we are living in the world where information & not to forget entertainment are required instantly, we are the generation that will always and always rely on the technological advancements like Smartphones & Tablets. Technology makes life easier, technology  makes things faster, technology gains productivity & efficiency.... bla...bla..bla... ... But along such gains in 'physical and material' convenience, there have been some losses also. One are of loss has been the degradation of our environment, culture, attitude and humanity. Dah terang terang segala yang datang dari manusia ni semua tak pernah perfect.... so, there will also bad impact in using Smartphones kan.......
Ok, I will not discuss about the disadvantages of Smartphones pulak... the argumentation on this are still on. Hahaha... To me, as long as it serve me right, then it will be right la.... cos' the one who control is us, kita sendiri. Smartphone is just an enabler - and we are the controller! Simple analogy, kalau kapal terbang terhempas, pernah tak kita salahkan sebab kapal terbang tu diperbuat daripada besi..sebab besi kan berat..so terhempas. Mestilah sbb ade kesilapan teknikal ke yang mmg disebabkan daripada kecuaian manusia sendiri kan! Well....nobody in this world is perfect. Albert Einstein yang mmg dah dideclare antara manusia tergenius dunia pun ada kekurangan dia juga...his married life with Mileva Maric pun hancur berkecai di zaman kegemilangan dia...Erk..........OK sebelum melalut lalut lagi... my message is clear! I just love the way of Smartphone serve my life today!