Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baby Shower katenyerrr....

I never experience baby shower celebration while I was pregnant to my first born, Miqael..3 years ago! Hahahhaa....

But before that...I did my own research on the ritual to have 'baby shower'... Actually, Baby Shower as a term is relatively new, but the celebrations and rituals associated with pregnancy and childbirth are both ancient, traditional & enduring you know! In Malay custom, we call it as ' adat melenggang perut', but in differently practice where it is a  custom done on a 7 months pregnant lady and it aims to position the baby in the stomach in its proper place, which is the head at the door of the womb. And also it is being conducted with a very traditional way with have own equipment and steps (hahha...this one I found from Wiki:):

  • 7 pieces of different colors of cloth
  • 1 bushel of rice
  • 1 coconuts
  • Some thread veins
  • A trunk resin
  • A little coconut oil/ massage oil
  • Some candles
  • Etc...
All the exercises I believe will be conducted by Mak Bidan.... and to incorporate with the Islamic practice, this ceremony will be done with bacaan doa selamat or perhaps kenduri ...etc...

Hahahhaa....but in my case, I don't really experienced my baby shower to be very complicated and traditionally done as above.... I just want to have chill and chat time with friends and families maybe! It's more on get together session la.... where you can share stories and snap pics of course! In short, my baby shower's idea was contemporary way where you can get together with friends and there shouldn't be any set rule to this! It's just makan makan...laughing....chatting & release stress :)

So...the idea was...hahhaha... It's was spontaneous outing! I told Mitchel & Izzat (both are my best buddies) that this time pregnancy I feel to throw my own baby shower party. They laughed..and they suggested that we could go outing at KLCC . Since Famy was out station, so I agreed to join them outing on weekend time. The plan was watching movie & lepaking at Ben's Place KLCC. Hahahha... guess what movie that I watched? Hansel & Gretel!!!!!! Horror sgt tgk witches die.... But I just tutupkan mata bila babak horror tu!

Movie that we watched!

Session chill, chat & laugh... ops... Mitchy & Izzat gave surprise gift! A cute soft toy bear :)

My baby shower's cup cake!
Ignore my new nose & cheek! Hahhaha.. this is 8 months pregnancy ya!

Overall I was happy on that day! It's made my day......

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Late post for 2012's sayonara... Welcome 2013!

Finally I can write my 2013 resolution with peace of mind..

Ops before that let's sum the story happened in 2012.  (though it was already a bit late kot!)
2012 for me was a moderate year..... and I may conclude that was not the best year of achievements except to know that I was expecting to a second baby... LOL! Alhamdulillah...
Yes, I did my mind recharging when I brought ibu,ayah, adik & angah to have mini get-together family session at Pangkor Island. Plus, family trip with in laws at Langkawi and I managed to fulfill my dream to do snorkeling at Pulau Payar (since I was never been there after many many many times visit to Langkawi)... Both were great trips!
And not to forget my dream to organize special birthday party for Miqael at McDonald. Fuhhh....
Other than that, were just happy moments get together with friends i.e. bachelorette Izzah's party, lunch time with Gya & Ennie , get together session with Izzat & Mitchel & camping trip to National Park! Cool...
Overall, that were not so much interesting story to tell... but yes Alhamdulillah to God , still lend me His air to breath and feel joy in life....

I said to myself.. whatever bad things need to be removed and improved. I wish I can be better person after this.... better muslim, wife, mummy, daughter, sister, worker and friend..... :)

And as I reflecting my 2012 flashback memories..... I don't have any specific resolution to achieve in 2013. Yang mana tak achieve2 in 2012 pun banyak... Well, I will continue to put extra efforts to reach the miss-achieving goals from the past years! Further Master.. Europe trip.... Saving RM500K.. Buy Microwave +Oven  for me to bake....and many more...

For me just go with the flow.... blend it with the exciting activities to make it more flavorful and meaningful life...... The most important thing, maintaining the happy go lucky energy in that I will feel young forever.... and... I wish to get 45kg weight after get deliver my second baby! Wuhuuu........ Huhuhuhuhu.....

Some pics to be remembered....
(sorry the events date were not in ordered ;p)
Get together with Ila from NZ

Gedik pic!

Ila in the house again!

Pulau Payar jauh ke tengah... dream place to visit @ Langkawi

Hari raya 2012 Celebration

Miqael started to swim!
Rempit with Rudy, one of office mate @ Corporate Raya event!

Feeling2 muda jadik usherette for Company Dinner. Theme was football!

Hey Kenapa Bah..Kenapa Bah!

Fun Run for Olympic event with bosses

Pangkor trip with Hj. Othman's family

Ade je bahan nak gelak kalau lepak dgn mamat ni!

Our 4th Anniversary Celebration!

Get together with buddies

Hubby's 31 cake

Refresh @ Pangkor

Miqael turns 2 Party

Gangnam style!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Smartphone...just an enabler....We? the real Controller..

I was attracted to some of the key points of Budget 2013, which was tabled by PM on the last September. Hehehe... In spite of agreed that the subsidy on sugar to be cut RM0.20 per kg...(since I x berape favor to eat or drink sweet thingy, plus to support a campaign of  NO DIABETES among Malaysian *poyoo*), I was... bukanlah excited sbb I'm not the  target market/ mcm ter'trigger' pulak when PM announced that ' Through the Youth Communication Package, a one-off rebate RM200 will be provided for the purchase of one unit 3G Smartphone from authorised dealer kot! 
the initiative is for youths aged between 21-30 years

[dalam hati nak tukar Samsung S3 ke iPhone5 da]

sambungan kata PM....with a monthly income RM3,000 and below ONLY!


Okla...whatever it is, my point is ...see.. Government is also playing their role to make each of citizen to become IT Savvy or in BM nye..celik IT by using any sources of technology devices which can connect us to the the fingertip of information.......via.. one of the most popular devices today is Smartphone! 

It seems like nowadays people cannot go anywhere without Smartphones. Whether its checking emails, bills, bank account, weather, maps, FB updates, Twitter, Instragram, Dropbox, WhatsApp'ing', Youtube or perhaps playing SimSimi ;)))..... I am also like that...connecting and too depending on my Samsung S2! The best part my own memory capacity at brain has been replaced by a small nail-sized memory card inside my Smartphone..  Parahhhhhhhhh!!! Tak percaya ka?: See my below justifications: -
  1. Smartphone helps me to remind birthday people that I loved especially friends, with the good setting of music reminder lagik!
  2. Smartphone helps me to memorize telephone no. with the email, fax or contact image lagi! (just in case I don't remember how my friend's face look like ;p)
  3. Smartphone keeps all emails, username and passwords for each of my social networks and bank accounts (ha..this one dangerous!) Kalaulah hilang....mampusss! *papp...tampar muke sendiri*
  4. Smartphone always be my mobile dictionary & thesaurus. Siap cara nak pronounce lagi ok!
  5. Smartphone keeps all my appointments and meetings! Again with the favorite music reminder! Bukan takat music yang 'teng teng teng teng'.... ;P
  6. Smartphone helps me to memorize where I park my car at malls by snapping picture 'tiang parking lot' & save inside the gallery! Tadaaaaaa........
  7. Smartphone brings me to the location that I never know without need to remember the landmark / signboards easily! 
  8. Smartphone shows me the image of certain things that I couldn't recall or know. Contohnya, when my officemates & I have the discussion about the bird called 'burung wak-wak' last week...  since I don't know how burung wak-wak looks like..even majority of my friends there don't know ok.. I just simply googled image and type burung wak-wak..and ...papppp.....keluarlah seekor burung cantik ekor kontot2... and memasing like 'ooooo....ini burung wak wak'.... panjang je muncung masing2....
Ha...sampai mcm tu sekali kot.....

Oooit...kalau nak di 'list' kan lah jasa2 Smartphone during my lifetime now tak terhitung...... ;p Cuba sekarang bagi aku pakai 3310 Nokia mcm zaman belajar 6 years ago..... rasa macam dunia ni gelap gelita sebentar! Rasa mcm tak connect je dengan dunia luar!.... Ooo my God.... rasa mcm nak tampar je muka sendiri!

Oh ya, one thing I can see nowadays also, not my generation age aje yang fanatic to the Smartphone! Youngsters and teenagers lagilah kan jgn cakap...dieorg ni kan golongan golongan yang up-to-date & IT Savvy! Ni ha... toddler ni pun same..cannot live without Smartphone. The best example is my son la, Miqael is only 2 years +, while waiting for meal to be served at Mamak for example, he will asked me to get my Smartphone out. Cepat je jari kecik dia tu click Youtube and searching for his favorite cartoon! Even I thought that only happened to Miqael aje. Yesterday, me & hubby were outing at Lot 10 and before go jalan2 we plan to take our lunch first at the Pavilion Food Court. Guess what.. I can see 3, 4 parents  there...were displaying their ipad / iphone / Samsung Note / the cikai sekali is Samsung S3 la in front of their toddlers while enjoying the food. Ok...there goes a trend now!!!! 
Gambar sekadar hiasan semata-mata 'p

So kesimpulannya, as we are living in the world where information & not to forget entertainment are required instantly, we are the generation that will always and always rely on the technological advancements like Smartphones & Tablets. Technology makes life easier, technology  makes things faster, technology gains productivity & efficiency.... bla...bla..bla... ... But along such gains in 'physical and material' convenience, there have been some losses also. One are of loss has been the degradation of our environment, culture, attitude and humanity. Dah terang terang segala yang datang dari manusia ni semua tak pernah perfect.... so, there will also bad impact in using Smartphones kan.......
Ok, I will not discuss about the disadvantages of Smartphones pulak... the argumentation on this are still on. Hahaha... To me, as long as it serve me right, then it will be right la.... cos' the one who control is us, kita sendiri. Smartphone is just an enabler - and we are the controller! Simple analogy, kalau kapal terbang terhempas, pernah tak kita salahkan sebab kapal terbang tu diperbuat daripada besi..sebab besi kan terhempas. Mestilah sbb ade kesilapan teknikal ke yang mmg disebabkan daripada kecuaian manusia sendiri kan! Well....nobody in this world is perfect. Albert Einstein yang mmg dah dideclare antara manusia tergenius dunia pun ada kekurangan dia juga...his married life with Mileva Maric pun hancur berkecai di zaman kegemilangan dia...Erk..........OK sebelum melalut lalut lagi... my message is clear! I just love the way of Smartphone serve my life today!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The dullness of the day with Jazz...

I have trouble waking up in the morning with motivation lately, arghh... come one you are not alone Fara..... u still have Miqa to cheer your life up! Huhuhu... *can imagine his cute face with Ultraman stunt..yak yak...yak..!*

The main reason of my 'dullness' day perhaps because of the great 'roommate' is no here... takde teman nk bergaduh...bersembang...bergelak ketawa....perhaps! Famy was away to Canada since last week, will be back next week :( hands there are strong...but my knees were far too weak! Bak kate Adele kan!
Positively my heart said "it's ok, he's going mencari rezeki & gain knowledge there....bukan berfoya foya pun".... 
Abang...I miss you! In fact, We miss you...

Deep breath...

Hah, due to the so call konon2 'loneliness', I was attracted to listen this jazz performance by Elvira Arul @ No Black Tie. I've seen her performance many times at youtube. But before that I heard her name as one of great jazz singer at websites, blogs..etc... same mcm Najwa Mahiaddin, Reza Salleh and of course Yuna before she's becoming superstar now ;)

Ok back to Elvira Arul & Jazz music, to me Jazz is an open ended music designed for open minds! Hahha... Not to say that I ni fanatic and pro Jazz ya. I layan any music yang I rasa sedap didengar...To me the moment you hear music, when it hits you... you feel no pain ;)) So no matter what kind of music it is... Even lagu joget, dangdut pun I nyanyi ok kat karaoke. 
Some ppl dont like Jazz, coz it boring and more dedicated to urban & classy group of ppl. Depends on the indvidual's perception la kan... I pun sometimes feel boring jugak mase tgk performance Jazz tu..... But the moment Elvira tarik tone dia yang husky & sexy tu mase nyanyi lagu 'Say a Little Prayer', soundtrack song My Best friend's Wedding film tu I was like terpikat and terlayan.. it's like taking drug that soothed the pain..but only temporary! Hahahhahaha.......

Hurm..overall, I think I feel more entertained when I was watching Reza Salleh's performance at KLCC last time.. but RM30 for Elvira Arul is still worthy! ;)

The moment I wake up
Before I put on my makeup
I say a little prayer for you
While combing my hair, now,
And wondering what dress to wear, now,
I say a little prayer for you

Forever, forever, you'll stay in my heart
And I will love you
Forever, forever, we never will part
Oh, how I'll love you
Together, together, that's how it must be
To live without you
Would only be heartbreak for me.

I run for the bus, dear,
While riding I think of us, dear,
I say a little prayer for you.
At work I just take time
And all through my coffee break-time,
I say a little prayer for you. 

Forever, forever, you'll stay in my heart
And I will love you
Forever, forever we never will part
Oh, how I'll love you
Together, together, that's how it must be
To live without you
Would only be heartbreak for me.

My darling believe me,
For me there is no one
But you.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Full story: Leech Fest @ the National Park

I'm suppose to write this earlier...when the story still hype inside my head! When the story still hot like a bake cake get over from the oven! Ha gitu.....Aduhai.....cerita da lepas sebulan dah! Siap post teaser lagi nk share story konon...amik ko! Blaim it  to work pls! muahahahhahahah *ketawa monyet* ..Ok x payah cemas & gelabah sgt la! Mane yg teringat I'll share je ok.

But truly, the reason I need to jot down this journey is because this was one of my challenging & memorable time in life.... I said to my dear heart while I was there ' whatever happened in Endau-Rompin, stays in Endau- Rompin! '...hahahahha.... and I guess ppl who just know me in 'surface' will not imagine I can do this tau! Ala... jgn ingt I yg budget mcm mak org yg ala2 bimbo nie x mampu ok nk mengharungi hutan belantara dengan pacat bagai2 binatang semua tu ok! Hahahha! *ketawa Evil* ops --

When I got this opportunity to go there, ape lagi excited la! To be not an indoor person! Not because of I really don't get into that activity, it's just I don't have opportunity to do that. What to expect me! Keje kat advertising & mktg department....pagi keluar rumah balik malam....mak org lagi, ade toddler nk kene jage lg... some more an adorable & fun wife lagik! (ops xnak kurang jugk!) Of course my weekend will be my family time, mane la ade mase nk fikir camping, panjat bukit, panjat gunung, water rafting bagai mcm mase bujang trang tang tang dulu tu cik kak oiiiiiiii! Kan? Ok back to the story, we went there for 3D2N trip, not having a proper settlement mmg camping tido atas tanah erk...of course la ade sleeping bag tu tp xde nk check in check in dkt 3/4 star hotel/resort.. check in kat Kompleks Pelawat Endau Rompin aderla.... huhuhuu.... we stayed @ Campsite Kuala Marong...
All the way road to go to Endau Rompin National Park...4 hours journey! *kalau x silap la*

This is our camp site@ Kuala Marong. Got proper toilet but no light ok!

This is boat yang bawa kami from Kompleks Pelawat to camp site
Fun but tough activity was trekking to Buaya Sangkut! Punyerlah mencabar nk sustain & maintain tahap kesabaran & kecekalan... but I really thankful I went there with a good team! Thanks bestie! 
And the best part I was stopped from screaming  when saw thousands of leeches at my shoes! Dah x larat kot nk menjerit...lantaklah ko nk hisap sgt kan darah aku kan..ha amik..amik..amik....;p
inilah die yg aku katekan 'leech fest' woot woot...
x payah nk geli sgt ok!;p
one of waterfall @ Buaya Sangkut... Nice scenery there.. Subhanallah.

Ops lupe nak highlight ya, kalau rase nk percutian yang peace of mind mmg national park bukanlah PILIHAN YG IDEAL ok.... pegi masuk Club Med ke, gie Bali ke Krabi ke ikut travel agents ke okies!! :) Nak cantik2 g holiday pun bukan kat national park ya... itu bole pegi Paris ke London ke, x pun paling chikai g PD! Hahahahah motip sgt :)) Because I tell you the most scary thing there..was the leech! Bukan takat pacat color coklat yang biase2 tau... ni pacat rupe mcm ular sawa type tp just kecik je mcm dlm gmbr kt atas tu..... Don't wory later I will share the tips ya to make the leech tak suka u ols! hahhahahha ..

In other part, swimming @ Tasik Air Biru... erk..swimming ok??? x payah nk eksyen sgt...semua org tau aku mmg tak pandai berenang kan! hahahhahahahhaha *ketawa jahat* okla... reword .. not swimming tapi berendam ala2 blue hyppo @ Tasik Air Biru :) And not to forget tgk air sungai yang tersgtlah crystal clear dkt area our camp site tu, ikan kelah berenang2 mmg nmpk jelas ok! Subhanaallah ader lagi sungai yang jernih dkt Malaysia ni....:)
Sbb tu name die Tasik Air Biru... biru air sungai die...

And plus...we went to Upeh Guling waterfall jugak, 15-20 mins trekking from our campsite. 
Upeh Guling pic I goggled! ;)

I guess, you guys kalau nk info trip bole je surf @
Johor National Park Endau-Rompin (PETA), 11, Jalan Bawal 1, Taman Kahang Baru, 86700 Kahang, Kluang.Tel : +607-922 2812
Don't worry, the staffs there were like friends.. they ols tersgt lah helpful &  friendly... and oh btw, I was thankful to our guide, Hishamuddin namenye... he was native ppl at Perkampungan org asli dlm area2 national park tu. Baik walaupun mule2 x byk ckp orgnye! And he was so kind pinjamkan selipar die for 3D2N kt aku coz sampai2 first day tu selipar aku putus! Huhhuhuhuhu..... luckily it was not Croc! ;D

Ok, now nak bagi tips cara2 nak elakkan/kurangkan gigitan cinta si pacat! cinta la sgt kan... euwwww...
mcm ni lah rupe stokin pacat tu
  1. Beli stokin pacat yang disyorkan oleh team PETA kat Kluang office tu. At least susah sikit pacat nk masuk gigit kat kaki, by the time they ols tgh merangkak nk cari spot u ols da nmpk kt stokin tu ;p
  2. Pacat x suke masin! Lumur kaki sentiasa dgn garam. Even kiteorg buat experiment masukkan one of the leech inside the salty water and immediately they dead.... bukan dera binatang ya ini experiment of pilot test ;p
  3. Staff @ Kompleks Pelawat ade syorkan beli sabun cap 999, ntah sabun ape ntah tapi katenye cover in green color. we ols x sempat nk beli.
  4. You can always bring insect repellent but seriously it was not really helping from avoiding leech! Hehehhe..for mosquitoes boleh la kot! ;D
Till now....

Note: pictures were stolen from goggle! hahhaha... x sempat nk bawa camera bagai sbb camera handfone OFF x digunakan dgn alasan nak save battery coz no charger place for 3D2N stay there ok... harap maklum :**

Monday, May 7, 2012

Teasor: Leech Fest at the national park

Will update soon!

Mind Recharging: The cozy of private beach @ Pangkor

Again..for this 2012, I did my mind recharged! Yes... went away from the corporate world for a while...What a bliss!

Me and my family did our family gathering at Pulau Pangkor! The idea was to get together with Ibu, Ayah, Adik, Angah and the rest of the families. Since our small nuclear family make us  difficult to spend time due to our own so called 'busy ness'..hahahaha that's goes 3D2N overnight @ Pangkor Island Beach Resort. The best part it's a private beach...even not lah nicer and heaven place like Koh Phi Phi @ Krabi but overall OK lah... I still enjoyed my time there... Breakfast & dinner were yummy & awesome!

Pangkor Island Beach Resort

Here's goes some activities to share there:

1st day:
  • Arrival from KL- Lumut @ 12.30 pm. While waiting ferry to Pangkor @ 1.30 pm, we decided to take our lunch  @ Lumut Waterfront area. Just nice the lauk kampung there, forget the name of the restaurant, but it was a Malay Restaurant near by the car park building.
  • 2.40 pm - arrival to Pangkor Jetty @ Town, btw before that we supposed to take another ferry which is more expensive since we were planning to check in @ Pangkor Island Beach Resort, coz' they provide the private jetty to go there, however let's back to basic, no need wasting money we decided to take RM10 ferry ticket (return) each. At Pangkor Jetty, we decided to rent a car at the first place, however after some discussion we agreed just to take the pink van to send us to the hotel. Fare: RM23 for 5 persons. Oklah kan! Not bad!
Pink Mini Van @ Pangkor
  • Around 3.30pm, we checked in @ Pangkor Island Beach Resort. And relax2 kepenatan. Zzzzzzz
  • 5.30 pm - Adik knocked our room, took Miqa to swimming pool! Hurm...knowing my little angel, as expected he refused to come out from the pool till 7.00pm! ;))
  • After Maghrib - 8.30 pm: we having dinner @ Hornbill Restaurant at hotel. It was buffet dinner! and we eat like we will never see food tomorrow! Hahahha....
  • After dinner, we were lepaking @ the beach, enjoying the night scenery at the beach.
  • 12.00 am - lights out! 
 2nd day:
  • 8.30 am - Breakfast
  • 9.30 am - Ibu taking care of Miqa at the pool, while me, famy, adik & ayah were kayaking at the beach! Charge RM20 per hours! Woot Woot! Ops, Angah was having an event so she check in 1 night late from us.
  • 12.30 pm - Just nice right after angah's arrival at the hotel, we went hang out for lunch @ Pangkor town. We paid the pink van RM100  for half day tour to Pangkor town (return) with 7 persons. The van uncle brought us lunch-jalan2 at Pangkor town- shopping at hasil laut factory (got ikan bilis, ikan masin, sotong etc.)- visit Pangkor Museum - visit Dutch Fort- visit Chinese Old Temple - sight seeing at Pantai Pasir Putih, Teluk Nipah...and not to forget he showed us the Perak Minister's house ok! Hahahhaha...
Dutch Fort
  •  5.00 pm - After 4 hours pusing2 Pangkor...we reached our hotel and take a nap for a while before continuing for beach activities. Hahahha.... 
  • 6.00 pm - Miqa's swimming pool activity! Hurm...I have to say true...Bosan ok duduk dekat kolam renang as I can't swim and just looking at Miqa playing and do his water stunt action in the water with his Jumbo Float! Well a mother will always be a mother ;) Ececece...Well, meanwhile, for those who not being a mother like can go cycling with RM10 per hour! Ibu did this! Hurm...
  • 8.30 pm - Dinner
  • 12.00 pm - lights out!

3rd day .
  • 8.30 pm - Breakfast
  • 11.00 am - Packing back
  • Nothing much we did on the the3rd day as ayah & ibu need to go back to Johore on the same day. So, we decided to leave Pangkor earlier. Earlier tak earlier, pukul 12 tenghari jugaklah we reached Lumut Jetty! Hahahhaha....
Overall, the objectives of this family outing was achieved! I can draw smiles to ibu & ayah's face at least kan!!

The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other.
Psst:/  Talking about family, I do miss the smell of my room during my childhood! I guess it was my safer place on that time..erk..perhaps until now..