Monday, October 27, 2014

keep moving...keep walking...keep running...

In my colorful and short life, I realized that not everything is supposed to become something beautiful and long lasting. Sometimes people come into my life to show me what is right and what is wrong, to show me who should I could be, to teach me to love myself, to teach me to protect my heart protect my kids... to make me feel better for a little while, or to just be someone to walk with at night and spill my life to whatever that he or she feel good with it.

Not everyone is going to stay forever...the feeling towards somebody will never ever be lasting.
But at the end.. I know Ibu & Ayah will always be a place that I could be return to... and I know my husband will be the one who will love me unconditionally. Insyallah..

Whatever white and black things happened in my life, I still have to keep on going and thank them for what they have given me... joy, happiness, sadness, excitement, painful, sympathy, empathy..meaningless and any of related adjectives words.

Keep moving....keep moving....keep moving...


Sunday, October 26, 2014

yes..time will heal everything

What can heal a broken heart?

A. Time
B. Revenge
C. New love

I tick A. :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A note to Ummuhajar Mustafa Kamal.....

This year I have the complete honour of being bridesmaid for one of my favourite girl in the planet, a best friend named Ummuhajar Mustafa Kamal. Yes, this may be a little girlie for some but I cant wait. It was a beautiful wedding at the pool side with off white vintage and garden concept. I may be a 31 years old bridesmaid with 2 kids and the oldest one among the bridemaids...but who cares kan ;p. So far it has been existing experience, we had a good time helping Haja during her big day.... 

Well, I want to start first by telling a little about Haja...  :). Hurm to me she have a complete package - brain with beauty!
Ok.. actually we both met at office during the HyppTV meeting for SME segment. We are not that close during that time pun, but I remembered she was one of the 'hot chick' at our office. She is so sexy & irresistable. I knew her since she was without hijab. So basically she was one of the favourite Rudy's dulang girl in spite of me & Sheila. So dari situ we all became closed and be a good hang out lunch/ dinner buddy. Besides the aura, Haja that I know is:
- a kind hearted with good heart
- outrageous
- a sister-liked
- spontaneous
- sense of humor with her own way
- firm principled person
- sincere
- possitive vibe
- helpful
- caring
- stunning inside-out
-she might say something hurt but actually that's facts. = truthful
- good traveller mate

I consider myself very lucky to know her & Lucas (Haja's hubby) personally. They are just perfect together and my good prays will always be with you Haja.... Happy Newly Weds... And I know you can be a good wife to Lucas.  *Hugs*.

Thanks also for acting like a big sister to me and I truly believe that the differences between us are completing each other in this friendship.

I'm sharing your big day Haja in my journal..

Friday, October 10, 2014

Rooftop at Bangkok

Over the last few years, I believe that Bangkok has grown a mantle of glamour and sophisticated and new visitors will be elated by its trendy bars,club & restaurants. Yeay..knowing Bangkok as the city of entertainment, chilling & lepak with awesome people in your life is just perfect!
I love skybar at Sirocco , Lebua. It was a nice heaven place..I swear! The dessert of choc lava was to die for.
Jgn dinilai rupa yang buruk! Seriously I tell u this choc lava taste so goodddddddd. :))
Oh lupe nak perkenalkan the guy with us in the picture is Zul, Hajar's good friend and coincidently be our good friend too. Such a good company coz he is staying & working at Bangkok. Oh he can speaks Thai too. Hahahaha. And oh ya he is single lagi. ;) and I think still available kot. Bole cari die kat my instagram. ;p
More info about Sirocco Lebua can just google je kot. You know where to find. From Sukhumvit we took a cab, cost us around $200 Thai baht (lebih kurang RM20).

The night before we lepak at Sirocco, we went to Above Eleven Rooftop, just nearby from our hotel. Not bad jugala.. the place was quit cozy,not so elegant like Sirocco but still.... a good place to get a beautiful view of the Bangkok City.
Again...more about Above Eleven can just google.;p.
Now i'll let the pictures speak for themselves :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Halal food in the heart of Bangkok City ~ Usman Thai Food

I think I should post this. When the girls & I were having our ladies' trip at Bangkok last month, we  found a good, cozy & yummy place to eat. And it was a halal thai restaurant! After third time visiting Bangkok, I can say it aint easy to find halal foods there..unless if you went to some areas majority of them are Pakistani & Indian.

Ok back to that restaurant, the place called Usman Restaurant, it is located at Sukhumvit, high-end area where you can find Terminal 21 Shopping Mall nearby. But this restaurant is exactly situated next to Imperial Queen's Park Hotel. Search Sukhumvit Soi 22 road and after 5 minutes walk you can find a yellow signboard of  'Usman Halal Thai Restaurant'.

From 5, I gave 4 1/2 stars. ✔✔✔✔✅ ;).

The sambal belacan is to die for ;)))

Tired....A heart of a woman...

Tired eyes.. (ya can see the clear eyebag)
Tired of the cries
Tired of the lies
Sick of the deciet
Sick of the defeat
Taking no for an answer, but I've still been beat...
Less beats to my heart, a slow and rapid start....
The faster it goes as the pain begins to show
Can't cover it up no more, everything is out..
Wired mouth, can't speak the truth
Trapped in a box. But I am slowly getting loose....
I broke traditon, you did either... ya we broke tradition, sometimes our tries are outside the lines..
We have been conditioned to not make mistakes... but we cannot live that way.

Cause why?

Cause we are human being.
We are not angels
We are not Mahsum like Prophets.

I am tired..
Just tired..
Of all the things..

Allah...can you send angels to give me biggest hugs. Ya.. I need a cuddle.


Movie Marathon

I remembered the last time I had a movie marathon with my ex uni friends was six years ago.. Maigoddd SIX years ago?? Chop let me think what movies were that.. hurmm..hurm.. ha.. they were The Curious Case of Benjamin Button & Dark Knight kot. Yup...that was the last time. Yup... with Lea, Nadia, Nermin, Cza and few familiar faces whose I forgot the names. Hehehee.

I love watching movie..and I do enjoy movie marathon..but looking of the routine now macam tak dan nk bermovie marathon! πŸ˜‚ However fortunately one day, one of my office mate did asked me either I would love to watch Annabelle & Dracula Untold in the same night after office hour. I was immediately nodding head and agreed to join her & a few other office clicks to watch the movies. Hahahha...the rest were OK to watch Annabelle only,but as for me & Alia we agreed to have movie marathon.

Annabelle is a horror film, from the Director of The Conjuring. Mmg seram la. Asyik terjerit2 je la I in tht cinema. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Overall I was enjoying watching ths movie la. Hurm however as for the second movie, Dracula Untold, it was a bit slow movie although it is a thriller action genre. After 1 hour in the movie hall, I dah ZzzzzZz. Alia was watching the movie till the end. We reached home around 12.30 midnight. Hahahhahahaha. I can conclude tht due to aging factor maybe... I cannot have movie marathon at night anymore. Hahahahhahahahahaha.
Me, Alia, E & Sam. One more Bayda..She was not in d picπŸ˜‰

Annabelle, me & Alia. #horrorgiler
I can mark this as one of my #100happydays for 2014. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜